Eclypse II Rain Fly. Packs Tiny with Big Coverage.
  • STAY DRY EVEN WHEN IT’S POURING. This tent tarp is waterproof and sized perfectly so you stay dry, your hammock stays dry and there’s still room so your gear stays dry.
  • THIS RAINFLY WILL LAST AND YOU DON”T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT GROMMETS RIPING. 8 D rings sewn into line tags means your tarp won’t rip. Designed to last
  • RIG THIS ANYWHERE. 8 D rings, 14 foot guide rope and 6 ropes with self tensioners and metal stakes means you can rig this tarp to trees or stake it to the ground
  • SUPER LIGHT, TAKES NO ROOM BUT PROVIDES 10X8 COVER. Great for backpacking, or camp shelter or just keeping your gear dry.
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