One Mountain at a time "A Single Mom, Two Young Boys And An 11,000 Foot Summit…Nurturing….Healing…Awesome Fun!"

This is the story that led to the creation of Tiny Big Adventure…kinda sort a.

I first met Sarah years ago, when we worked for the same employer. At some point I became aware of her photography work – and like everyone else who sees what she can do with a camera in the outdoors, I was in awe.

As I got to know her better, I began to understand the passion she has for the outdoors and as an avid traveller myself, it wasn’t hard for us to have multiple great conversations about some of the most beautiful corners of this wonderful planet.

As we talked about trips, she casually mentioned she had taken her young boys (12 and 7) up an 11,000 foot summit!

Excuse me.

Stop the conversation. What??

I thought this was amazing and it led to many more conversations, which eventually led to the idea of show casing outdoor adventure stories…and Tiny Big Adventure came to be.