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 Ordinary people doing

amazing things

We created this website to publish stories about ordinary people with real lives who still find the time and creativity to get out and pursue their passions in the outdoors.

And we want to hear from you. We’d like to publish your story.

What draws you to the outdoors? What do you get out of it? What challenges do you have in pursuing your challenge? Would you be willing to sit down with us for an interview and then have us come along and do a photo shoot?

Every one has a great story – even if you think you don’t. Take a few minutes and fill out the forms on this page to give us an idea. We’ll then contact you and talk. If it’s a fit for our editorial plan, we’ll arrange a more formal interview so we can get your full story and do a photo shoot.

There are no obligations or commitments by submitting this form. Just permission for us to start to get to know you and learn about your outdoor adventures.


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