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Embracing the cold

Contributor: Amanda Edmonds

How I learned to embrace the cold with my kids I was born and raised in Utah and have never appreciated the cold. Our license plates say “Greatest Snow on Earth” and winter lasts from November to April. Still I have managed to not like the cold. All I want to do is curl up and stay inside, [...]


4 Strategies for Adventuring when Outnumbered by Kids

Once upon a time, we had one child.  We did a lot of fun adventures with her. I often say, we put her under our arm and off we went! Then we added a second baby.  Though it was much harder, we still had a 1:1 ratio.  One for Mom, one for Dad, or if […]

Operation happy trail-1

Operation Happy Trails: How We Got Our Kids To Love Hiking And What It Has Meant For Us

Contributor: Sky Martin

One of the comments we hear really often here at TBA is that mom and dad love to hike, but the kids very often don’t have the same opinion – at least at first!  Meet Sky and Scott Martin, parents of three previously reluctant hikers (Erin 14, Katie 8 and Malachy 3) who live in […]

Amanda Phone 482 (2)

Climbing with kids

Contributor: Amanda Edmonds

We are a climbing family. We have two kids and a dog, all three perfectly at home hanging around the crag with my husband and I. In the spring-fall we climb outside every weekend and in the winter we climb in the indoor climbing gym twice a week. Our typical weekend is spent on the […]

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WIN THE ECLYPSE II CAMPING HAMMOCK AND RAIN FLY! (Visited 3 times, 1 visits today)


Secrets To Share and Inspire Through Your Family Adventure Instagram Feed

We love connecting with others that have as much passion for the outdoors and adventure as we do!  When we started our Instagram account a little more than a year ago, our primary goal was to share some of our epic family adventures and travels with others (mostly because friends and family begged us to!).   What […]

Photography by @zionadventurephotog

Adventurous Family Life

There’s No Magic To Living An Adventurous Family Life. Just Do it. Living an Adventurous life with your family has so many amazing benefits. One it allows you as an individual to continue to be adventurous and seek out new and exciting things to do and try. As parents we can get so wrapped up […]


Is Stroller Running An Outdoor Adventure?

When I found out I was going to be a dad I was bursting with excitement. I was thinking of all the things I would do with my son and all the memories we would make as a family. I was surprised though to have so many people tell me that I wouldn’t be able […]


Crazy Family Adventure

All of us who go to the outdoors have likely fantasized at least once or twice about leaving the rat race completely. Just taking your family and living wherever you want, whenever you want. Of course, this is impossible for most of us. Or is it? Apparently not! Craig and Bryanna of “no fixed address” […]



Here are a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years from experimenting and researching to help keep me and my camera gear warm and safe while shooting in the cold. Check the weather forecast!! No matter what it looks like outside you can always get out and shoot, but don’t ever get […]

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It’s starting to feel like spring! My coworkers cheer and curse the cold weather that has plagued them since December. I secretly cringe. Every degree warmer means another inch of snow that will mercilessly be converted into useless liquid water. As a winter-loving cross-country skier, it’s not a popular sentiment, but it’s one we all […]



This summer my husband Dwane and I took our two little kids on a long canoe trip. We traced the 900 kilometer water route made famous 120 years ago by the Klondike Gold Rush when thousands of fortune seekers came north and made their way from the shores of Bennett Lake at the foot of […]

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