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Moreton Island Adventure

Contributor: Narelle

Adventure and travel don’t always line up with your budget and time. But no matter where you live in the world, there’s likely an outdoor experience you can easily get to in your local area. And it’s probably fascinating! This week, Narelle Bouveng from @alittleatlarge tells us about a little Island her family goes to, […]

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Outside time is not a cure all for Neuro-divergent children

Contributor: Outside Time

I open up the Pandora’s box that is Facebook when I get a sweet five minutes to myself to do something mind numbing. A mini escape as I hide in the bathroom from my screaming preschooler. Then I see something that jars me out of my peaceful zoning. Today it was an article “Texas Solves […]


Finding Solitude In The Outdoors

Relying on each other and creating fun memories is more effective without hoards of people.(Visited 64 times, 1 visits today)


Pregnant and Climbing

Contributor: Sarah Gorka

We have a lot of mothers in our tribe who work hard to make sure outdoor adventure stays central to their lifestyle. Pregnancy often changes things – expecting mamas have maybe the most precious responsibility there is – taking care of themselves and baby. For some that might mean slowing down and staying off the […]


Remember the “Why”

Contributor: Tammie Wilfong

So your heading off for a day hike or a weekend adventure. Know that feeling when everything is all organized and packed, everyone is completely ready to go, and they are very excited for the trip? Yeah, me neither. Things don’t always go as planned in a Mom’s head – it’s all in how we […]

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Win The Eclypse II Hammock and Eclypse II Rain Fly. (Visited 263 times, 1 visits today)


Raising rockclimbers

Contributor: Amanda Edmonds

Obviously we are climbers, duh. We love rock climbing so bringing our kids along is a no brainer.  We have had to learn to change our expectations and learn how to climb with the kids. This means climbing with at least one more adult and let’s be honest there is a ton of time spent […]

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Adventure with 2 sets of twins on a budget

Contributor: Jen Kelly

The outdoor lifestyle can be expensive. Good quality gear doesn’t come cheap and if you love traveling to experience new places for your adventures those bills can ad up – even for small families.(Visited 224 times, 1 visits today)


My Daughter’s First Night Sleeping Under The Stars – In A Hammock, By A Roaring River

Dawn light fills the canyon of the San Juan river, a muddy tributary of the Colorado river that spans the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah and offers an easy-going and scenic float trip for boaters that’s perfect for families.The river is roaring this morning running at over 4,000 cubic feet per second. From […]


5 Yoga Poses You Can Do with Your Child in Nature

Contributor: Estella Moore

When I was introduced to yoga through dance training, I wasn’t aware of the many facets of yoga beyond the physical postures (i.e. asana). While the physical benefits of yoga are substantial (e.g. improved flexibility/mobility, greater circulatory health, and greater endurance), it doesn’t take long to realize that what may have started as a physical […]


My Kids Will Survive! (I Think): A Parent’s Guide To Teaching Wilderness Survival

Contributor: Crosby Stansfield

Every outdoor adventure parent has a responsibility to keep the kids safe. And hopefully, every parent has taught the kids what they should do if they ever get lost or separated. This week, Crosby Stasfield, the founder of Idaho based group  “Mountain Dads” has some thoughts about how to get this done. Here’s Crosby… I […]


Hike Your Own Hike

Contributor: Monica Miller

Do you ever stress about planning that perfect hike? That it will be too much for the family, or too little?  Do other families inspire you with their epic hikes but for some reason you think what they do might be a bit much for you and yours?  This week adventure mama Monica Miller has […]

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