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A Washing Machine, Sitting Pad, and Pillow All In One Product?!

We’re really proud of our IMPER dry bags. They aren’t the heavier more rigid rubber bags you normally think of. They’re ripstop nylon so they’re ultra light, fully compressible and really, really durable. You can stuff them anywhere and they’re perfect for a backpack or even hanging off your gear. And they last.(Visited 33 times, […]


Teaching Kids To Do Hard Things


We live in an era of helicopter parenting, and it can be hard to let our kids grovel through difficult challenges.  It can feel like the most loving choice to hover around, and rescue them from the things that are uncomfortable for them or they are less competent at.  The truth is, jumping in and […]


Top 5 Tips For Teaching Kids How To Look After The Great Outdoors

Contributor: David Mellor

We all have a responsibility to care for our planet and environment.  Those of us who spend large parts of our free time in the great outdoors often witness, first hand, the destruction and pollution that is being inflicted on our shared landscapes.  From carelessly dropped litter, to the erosion of paths and trails, much […]


Local Adventures Can Be Just As Epic As The Epic Ones!

Contributor: Araceli Gonzalez

The Gonzalez family are like many of us in the outdoor community. They love to travel and they’ve had some “epic” outdoor adventure trips. But life is busy and they’ve discovered that you don’t have to plan a huge trip to find magical places. They’re giving their kids all kinds of wonderful outdoor experiences without […]

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.09.04 PM

5 Epic Outdoor Activities for the Holiday Season.

You find yourself Every Holiday Season, year after year eating way too much, sitting around the table way to long listening to uncle Gary’s boring jokes. What if you found a way to start the new year feeling inspired while having fun! We decided to put together a list of 5 epic Outdoor adventures you […]


15 Christmas gifts for all the adventurers in your life

Finding the right gift for your loved ones within your budget can be tricky especially when us outdoorsy folk are notoriously non materialistic and just want to be outside. Fortunately for you we have compiled a Christmas list for all the outdoorsy peeps in your life at every budget level.(Visited 111 times, 1 visits today)



Contributor: Lacey Doboszenski

Slacklining is awesome fun for the whole family and it’s great exercise. Just balancing and walking on one will make you use muscles you normally wouldn’t!  Some mamas take it a step further than that. Lacey Doboszenski, an outdoor mother and “yogini” comes to us from Minnesota and she’s got some great moves using a […]


Bare Butt and Badass: a 1660’ Multi Pitch climb with the family

Contributor: Amanda Edmonds

I think sometimes as moms we over think and mentally try to prepare for every possible contingency. This is good but also can be limiting. After acknowledging this, I decided I was going to say yes to overwhelming scary things. This has served me well and given me some incredible experiences I would have missed […]


Outdoor Adventuring Every Single Day

Contributor: Tiffanie Terry

When we think about living for outdoor adventure, those of us who live in an urban environment are usually planning the next trip. The next wonderful location and activity to take the family to soak up some nature and build shared memories in the outdoors. Awesome. (Visited 221 times, 1 visits today)


Two Toddlers In A Canoe

Contributor: David Mellor

The first thing that we did to prep our two toddlers started long before we even thought about family canoeing. You see, they started swimming lessons at a very young age. Our eldest, who is now 3, was signed up to his first swim class aged just 12 weeks. Consequently, both of them are confident […]


Why “Murfers” Go Back to the Water – Yes, It’s a Thing!

Contributor: Audrey Hills

Kelly Slater, the 11-time surfing world champion, famously said, “It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in. There’s no getting out.”(Visited 245 times, 1 visits today)


How We Travel Full Time With 4 kids and a Dog

Contributor: Craig and Bryanna

Back in 2013 we got this crazy idea to sell our dream house, pretty much everything in it and buy an RV to travel full time with our 4 kids and at the time 2 dogs. A big part of our decision was based on not wanting to look back and regret that we hadn’t […]

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