The Wilfong Family

The Adventure Family

The Wilfong’s / US Military Family
Location : USA

We’d like to introduce you to Jimmy and Tammie Wilfong, one of our Tiny Big Adventure Ambassador families. The Wilfong’s have two kids, Eli and Madi and as a family, they know all too well the challenges of upheaval and change.

The Wilfong’s are a military family currently based in Montana and they have a true appreciation of how fast life can get whether you want it to or not.

In 2010, Jimmy and Tammie were looking for a way to slow life down and stop the sensation that life as a family was simply passing them by. They discovered the power of nature.

On their first adventure, they discovered how being in the outdoors is so connecting and how it can slow things down. How it can fill the tank – they were hooked!

Today they enjoy hiking, camping and backpacking, but are up for pretty much anything if it’s outdoors and in nature. They love it!

The Wilfong’s are an ordinary family doing extraordinary things. They have, as a family, put in some serious miles exploring U.S. National Parks, National Forests and State Parks. In fact, the Wilfong’s have visited 23 National Parks so far and this number is bound to keep growing.

Jimmy, Tammie, Eli and Madi have discovered nature provides that needed “unplugged” escape from the busy world and allows outstanding family time. They want to share tips and tricks on adventuring as a family…even if the budget is tight. The Wilfong’s are looking to visit all 59 U.S. National Parks as a family…even if it take another 20 years! We have no doubt it will take them less time than that!


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