The Sperling Family

Outdoor Activities:   hiking, biking, boating, camping, skiing, and more!
Location : Colorado, USA

Please meet Jason Sperling, his wife Michele, and their two little whippersnappers, daughter Nyla and son Silas.

The Sperlings live in Boulder, Colorado, and love hiking, biking, boating, camping, skiing, and more!

They were living in Los Angeles when their daughter Nyla was born, but after a couple years they realized that raising a family in Southern California wasn’t for them. They moved to Boulder, where Jason was born and raised, and have since started a family nature club and love exploring the Rocky Mountains with friends and family. Jason has documented some of their adventures and lessons learned in three books he’s authored on raising children outdoors and connected to nature. 

While they love pushing for awe-inspiring destinations and epic adventures, they believe in balance and child-led experiences. So when you find them on the trail, you may find them “unhiking”, helping their children develop a love of nature rather than following adult agendas. Doing nothing never felt so good.


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