The Royal Family

The Royal Family

On the road always up for a new adventure!
Photography by @zionadventurephotog
Location : USA

Meet the Royal family. We all have at least a tiny part of us that would love to just pick up and go wherever we want, do whatever we want to do, anytime we want to do it.

Bryanna, husband Craig, their 4 kids and 2 dogs have actually done it! In May 2014 they sold their house, everything in it, and bought an RV. They’ve been traveling around the US full time ever since.

They live a less cluttered and simpler life where they focus on experiences and not things.  And outdoor adventure is a huge part of that. They enjoy spending quality time as a family exploring, hiking, challenging themselves
to do new things and relaxing together.

They also want share their experiences and inspire other families to get out and see the world while deepening their family bond through travel and continuous new-shared experiences!

When they aren’t out hiking to the top of mountains you can find them on the beach or at the local donut shop searching for the best donut in the US! They blog about their adventures at


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