The Nanninga Family

The Nanninga Family

Location : USA

Meet Leanne and Kent Nanninga and their five (yes FIVE!) kids. We are delighted to have the Nanninga’s as one of our core Tiny Big Adventure ambassadors.

The Nanninga’s are determined to ‘live a life less ordinary’ and as you get to know them you’ll see they walk the walk!

To them that means getting into the great outdoors as often as possible and inspiring other families to do the same.  Leanne and Kent and all the kids (ranging in age from 3yrs – 12yrs) are a ‘jack of all trades’ family.  They love to use all the seasons that their home in British Columbia, Canada offers.  Together they are hikers, backpackers, canoers, mountain bikers, kayakers, campers, downhill skiers & cross country skiers!

They are masters at figuring out how to get their larger-than-average family into the backcountry as often as possible and they rarely leave anyone behind.  They have an appetite for ‘hard’ adventures – not as a notch in the belt, but because getting into the wilderness strengthens their family bond.

The Nanninga’s enjoy each others company and the play and creativity that happens in nature – lots of interaction, exclamations, laughter, movement, exploration and teamwork; all things that can feel on the brink of extinction in our fast-paced, electronic world.

The Nanninga family are eager to make as many memories together as possible, sometimes ditching work and other responsibilities to make it happen. It’s hard to pin them down to choose the adventures that are on the top of their list, but if you force them, they’ll admit to a continuous aspiration to spend more time on the water, exploring some of the awesome riverways in Canada’s North. Of course, in their large tripping canoe, they also take full advantage of their their local paradise in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


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