The Mellor Family


Outdoor Activities: Spending time exploring the Mountains
Location : UK

Meet the Mellors, another awesome Tiny Big Adventure Ambassador family. David and Natalie have two young kids, Jesse aged 3 and Amelie aged 2 and they live in North Wales in the United Kingdom. They spend the vast majority of their free time adventuring in the great outdoors and are at their happiest when they’re in the hills and mountains.

Their outdoor tastes and interests are varied and eclectic but they can most often be found hiking, scrambling, camping, kayaking, biking and skiing. That said, they’re always up for new challenges and usually make taking on something new a New Year’s resolution. As well as teaching their young children about respecting the outdoors, David also leads groups on micro adventures and expeditions. In fact, he once led 32 teenagers on a month long expedition to Tanzania which included working in an impoverished school and orphanage and climbing Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mellor’s goal is to inspire not only their own children to have a lifetime love and passion for the outdoors, but also to help other families improve their knowledge and experience so they too may raise the next generation of young adventurers.


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