The McEvoy Family

The McEvoy Family

Outdoor Activities: hiking, camping, skiing, biking, paddleboarding and kayaking.
Location : USA

Meet the McEvoys, another awesome Tiny Big Adventure Ambassador family!

Eric and Christina have two kids, Austin age 11 and Carson aged 8 and live in the Pacific Norwest region of the U.S. They love outdoor adventuring and can never satisfy their cravings for beautiful landscapes and unique experiences.

The McEvoys love to do almost any outdoor activity, but they are especially fond of hiking, camping, skiing, biking, paddleboarding and kayaking! (Sounds to us like they like just plain everything in the outdoors )

Eric and Christina aspire to teach their children that they can do hard things, love and respect the planet, and seek ways to give back. They are also teaching their  children that traveling is more than just fun adventures; it is a priceless education in learning more about the world around them, connecting with people of different cultures, and trying new things.

Their goal one day is to travel the globe full-time exploring unfamiliar places, seeking enriching experiences and epic adventures, and serving in impoverished communities. This family has a true love for the outdoors and wants to give back, making the world a better place. Now that’s inspiring!


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