The Featherstone Family

The Featherstone Family

Outdoor Activities:  Trail Running , Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing, Travelling.
Location : Canada

Meet TBA Ambassadors Devin and Elise Featherstone. If they aren’t actually out in nature creating outdoor adventures they’re always planning the next one! Devin and Elise live in Calgary Alberta where they have always been lucky enough to be literally just minutes from the trails, ski slopes and nature they love.

When their son Kai was born they made a commitment as a family not to give up any of their outdoor activities and were determined to pursue and continue their lifestyle of fitness, health and outdoor adventure.

They still seek and create adventure experiences around the world and in their first year with Kai, carried, pulled and pushed him through six countries! Devin and Elise have a passion to show no matter what, you can explore the outdoors as a family.

It shouldn’t stop when you have a baby – it is an opportunity to see the world with new eyes and beautiful perspectives!


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