The Edmonds Family


The Edmonds Family

Location : USA

Please meet Amanda Edmonds and her wonderful family, husband Kellen, son Brighton and daughter Tatum. These Tiny Big Adventurers are all about rock climbing!

Amanda and Kellen live in Utah, where they were both born and raised. So “outdoorsy” is in their blood. Before the kids came along camping and hiking was as much a part of their life as getting up in the morning.

When their son Brighton was born, things changed and they didn’t get out on the trail for a full nine months. Everything seemed overwhelming and hard with a newborn. And they soon realized how unbalanced life without the outdoors made them. They just decided that no matter how busy life got, they were going back!

Amanda says it’s all about priorities. “When I was pregnant with my daughter we put my son in ski lessons…We did maternity pics in the snow….” And seven weeks after her daughter was born the family was out climbing! The pack up they had to take with them was a little bigger than before (a breast pump and battery pack isn’t part of a standard outdoor adventure gear list) but nothing phased them. They just did it and they haven’t looked back.

Amanda and Kellen are living examples of the family outdoor adventure lifestyle. Every weekend they’re in the local canyons with the kids. It’s their family time and it’s precious to them. We can all learn something from these guys about just making it happen!


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