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A Washing Machine, Sitting Pad, and Pillow All In One Product?!

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We’re really proud of our IMPER dry bags. They aren’t the heavier more rigid rubber bags you normally think of. They’re ripstop nylon so they’re ultra light, fully compressible and really, really durable. You can stuff them anywhere and they’re perfect for a backpack or even hanging off your gear. And they last.


Most nylon type bags have a PU coating to keep the water off. We made ours water proof by putting the PU coating on the inside and a silicon coating on the outside.


Our bags will keep your stuff dry. And they’ll make a good water bucket, washing machine, mini ground sheet, pillow, food bag, laundry bag, sea anchor or kettle bells if that’s your thing!

9 Creative ways to use your Dry bags.


Dry bags first became popular with canoeists and kayakers before they were developed as more general purpose for hikers, climbers or pretty much any outdoor adventure activity. And you likely got yours to keep your stuff dry.

  1. 1. Dry Bag Water Bucket:

A good dry bag isn’t just water resistant – it’s waterproof. So you can use it to scoop up water from a local water source and bring it back to use at camp. The roll down closure forms a handle for easy carrying and easy hanging so you can save for later without worrying about spill.

2. Dry Bag Portable Washing Machine:


Kinda!! Are you enduring dirty and stinky clothes during a long hike? You don’t have to. Use your dry bag to get rid of that filth. Put your dirty clothes in a

dry bag and fill with enough water to cover. Add some of your eco

friendly bio-degradable soap and close up the bag. Shake and rub bag together.

Empty dirty water. Add fresh clean water and repeat process (sans soap) to rinse.


Voila – fresh smelling clothes! It’s true, you won’t get many clothes in one “cycle” but if you’re looking for the convenience of a washing machine out on the trail this is about as good as it gets!


3. Dry Bag Kneeling or Sitting Pad:


“Thanks Captain Obvious” (Quote from a 15 year old when we suggested this one!)  There are all kinds of situations in the outdoors when you have to take a knee or both knees (starting a fire for instance) or if you want to sit but the ground is wet. Think multipurpose and use your empty dry bag as a mini ground sheet. Perfect for pretty much any size knee and most size butts!


4. Dry Bag Pillow:


OK, it’s not going to be nearly as comfortable as the TBA 3 in1 Sierra (just sayin…) but when in a pinch or you have more guests than pillows, fill up your dry bag with the clothes you’ll be using the next day and use that. Also convenient because you won’t have to dig for your clothes in the morning – they’re right there waiting for you as you wake up and go put the coffee on!


5. Dry Bag Bear Bag and Food Storage:


If you’re in bear country you know the importance of bear safety. The three-fold seal system of a standard dry bag keeps water out when needed but also will keep food scents in to help prevent unwanted guests. Don’t use any dry bag for this – make sure the quality is good enough to actually keep food scents contained. (FYI the TBA dry bag does the job) And it isn’t just a bear thing – lots of animals will come looking at night if they smell a free dinner!

6. Dry Bag Sea Anchor:

Canoeists, kayakers, SUP’ers all use dry bags to keep their stuff dry. Ever think to use it as an anchor when you get to that perfect spot and you just want to hang out for a bit? Fill your dry bag with water and attach to your kayak/canoe/SUP board with a line. Through it overboard to rest on the bottom. It’s a really effective way to rig up a temporary anchor so you won’t drift or blow around much at all.

7. Dry Bag for First AID:

You should always have a first aid kit with you in the outdoors but sometimes you might need to improvise. A nylon dry bag can be used to help immobilize a foot, leg or ankle if needed by wrapping in place and securing the limb. It can also be used to cover an area to keep clean and dry until a more suitable dressing can be applied.

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8. Dry Bag Laundry Bag:


OK, this one’s obvious. Keep the dirty stuff away from the clean stuff (until you’re home or you can activate your dry bag washing machine.)


9. Dry Bag Kettle Bell:


Maybe all the exercise you’re getting on your outdoor adventure isn’t enough and you want to do a bit of weight lifting. (Sure, this is a stretch but we don’t judge!)  Well, you’ve got a couple of kettle bells with you if you have some dry bags. Fill them with water (1 litre is about 1kg or 2.2 Ibs). Go nuts!


Your dry bags are not going to bring world peace. But they’re great, simple, and multipurpose and they will improve your quality of life out there!



“I used two of these on a 62 mile canoe trip in Atchafalaya Swamp and everything stayed dry as advertized” Don C.

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