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The Outside Project

Unless you’re one of the lucky people who begin each day not knowing what lies ahead, you’re probably held hostage by a 9-5 job sitting at a desk. You get up at the same time, eat the same cereals and travel to work the same route to the same office where you spend eight or nine hours doing the same kind of work each day. There is a simple way to break that cycle and rejuvenate yourself.

You might not be able to get out of your current commitments but there is simple things you can do to get out of monotony. Perhaps starting by one easy step.


Using astounding adventure images everyday to refuel and help you set new goals for your life might just be what you need. Something as simple as following a community of people who seek to find life beyond the beaten paths could be the start of your greatest journey. This is why we are excited to introduce you to our friends and collaborators the Outside Project who have inspired thousands of people since 2015.


The Outside Project in an Instagram Community that was establish in 2015 by  Josh Silver who founded this epic community in hope to inspire those who seek to explore beyond the beaten track. The Outside Project’s mission is to inspire through story telling and world class imagery. Join the journey and find the @outside_project on Instagram to stay inspired and participate in epic giveaways.


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