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5 Reasons To Raise Kids On Adventure

Author: Amanda Edmonds


Adventuring with kids is work. So much work, but it is so worth it. Kids allow you to see everything in a way that, as an adult, you may not have done for a while. They force you to slow down and really take everything in and live in the moment. Those early years are so formative in who they become as people and the relationships they have in life. I am very aware that I am not just raising children; I am raising them to be functioning adults. Adults I would like if I just met them.

It’s so important to turn off the TV, put away the iPad, and get unplugged.

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Life skills:

Raising kids in the outdoors teaches so many important life lessons. Being out in nature they need to make choices and judgment calls, and learn how to adapt to different situations.

I love watching my kids learn to do hard things and grow through the experiences

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Kids need to learn that it’s okay to leave their comfort zone. Adventure teaches challenging things like goal setting and how to achieve those goals with hard work, dedication and sacrifice.


You are raising the next generation, be the example:

What better way to teach your children about the environment than to immerse them in nature. Show them why reduce, reuse, recycle is so important but also why making eco-conscious choices are critical.

We regularly pick up trash left behind in our local canyons; we always strive to leave an area in the same or better condition than when we arrived.

A young age is the best time to instill stewardship, ethics and respect for the outdoors in the next generation. People in general take care of things they love, so teach your kids to love nature for our planets sake!


Create memories and teach the value of moments not material objects:

I want my children to value the awesome memories they will create in the outdoors over the latest toy or gadget. I know that’s a tall order but if you consistently are planning camping trips and outdoor excursions eventually those wish lists will start turning to outdoor adventures and the gear they’ll need for those journeys.

Teach them that moments are just as important, if not more so than things. By prioritizing outside as family time, you get a double win. You’re not only getting outside in nature but you are making a commitment to schedule important family time in.


Health Benefits of outdoor time:

According to Dr. Google the average American spends 87% of their time in enclosed buildings and 6% in enclosed vehicles… 93 % of your time spent indoors?? WOW that sounds terrible.

Being outdoors promotes being active, all that exercise can be fun. It helps boosts creativity and focus. (Ever see your kids make a branch Teepee?)


Spending time in nature is great for helping reduce stress and science says it increases happiness. It also increases Vitamin D which helps you fight cold, flu and infections.

So it’s settled. Raising adventure kids is definitely setting them on a great path for life!

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